Parent Empowerment Coaching

Supporting parents to:

– Run an efficient and time effective household
– Raise empowered and resilient children
– Save your family lots of time and mental energy
– Put YOU at the centre of all decision making
– Support with philosophy, not opinion


I am passionate about supporting parents!

I am super passionate about supporting parents during the earlier years of parenting when everything can often get a bit intense (with the kids/partner/dog/washing machine/lunchbox situation…), and life can feel like you’re on a hamster wheel that just keeps turning.

I love working with parents of younger children (about 0-12ish years old) to help them feel more positive and empowered to shine as their brightest and truest self during this season of their life.

This courage and empowerment then flows through to a more structured and compassionate family life, more intentional parenting, and an overarching sense of joy and thriving throughout this incredibly consuming and transformational chapter of your life.

Why parents?

Throughout my journey of having five beautiful babies, I was struck by the feeling so many parents around me had – that they were not doing a good job, and were not the parents they wanted or needed to be for their little ones.

It made me so sad to hear people talking about themselves in a negative way, as I fundamentally believe that most of us truly try our best to balance the impossible – feeling like a 100% amazing parent, and 100% valuing ourselves and our own needs and wants. Parenting is hard!

I also began to notice that the view I have of my own parenting “mistakes” (and there have been so many!) were often different to other parents. Where I interpret a “#parentingfail” as an opportunity for reflection, growth and learning, other parents might interpret the same situation as a negative reflection on themselves, their “terrible parenting”, and “what must everyone think?!”

That’s why I’m passionate about parents! I want to be your cheer squad because I completely believe in you!! I’d love to support you with strategies to make your family-home life run more smoothly, and feel easier. To work with you from a place of loving accountability to light your own internal spark of empowerment, self compassion and clarity, which has the potential to not only change your own life, but the lives of your child/ren too.

So in a nutshell…

I am so thrilled to be able to work with my clients in the capacity of a Parent Empowerment Coach through private 1:1 Coaching sessions and also through group Workshops where you are empowered to

– Run an efficient and time effective household
– Raise empowered and resilient children
– Save your family lots of time and mental energy
– Put YOU at the centre of all decision making
– Be supported with philosophy, not opinion

This season of life can be so complex which is why I am a qualified Life Coach to support you to cultivate and achieve your parenting goals.  I am also a Consultant for families wanting to implement changes within their home to make life easier (such as visual timetables for the kids). As an aside, I am also a fully qualified Primary School teacher and mum to four young children at home… so I am totally qualified and confident in being able to support my clients across the many aspects and challenges of family life.

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Whether you are after 1:1 Coaching, Group Workshops, or are simply interested to learn about my philosophical framework (the Five Fundamental Pillars), I would be honoured to support you.

Five Pillars

  • Created with families in mind
  • Built to help you succeed


  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Ineke
  • Tailored to individuals


  • Workshops about family life
  • Using the pillars to tackle all areas


What other clients say

My experiences with Ineke have always been supportive, warm & extremely helpful in guiding and implementing tasks and day to day order. Ineke is inspiring with her advice and offers this advice in a nurturing, kind and non-judgmental deliberation. Highly recommend her services.

Thank you!


I’ve been fortunate enough to spend lots of time with Ineke and her family over the years, and when it comes to her parenting style and household management I am in awe.

Her kids are simply delightful people which is a reflection on her and her husband. Ineke speaks to her kids on their level, actively listens to them and always seeks to empower her kids to make their own decisions and choices. Her house runs like a well oiled machine!

Ineke has achieved a lovely balance of order and stability combined with fun, laughter and play.


I have been privy to the organisation, strategies, and structures Ineke has developed and put in place within her home, her children’s lives and her everyday practices. She creates order and simplicity from chaos and makes being a mother of 4 children and managing a home look easy. Walking into Ineke’s home is a pleasure…it’s a fun, happy and calm place to be.

Ineke creates a calm environment through her ability to simplify life for her family. Coming from an Early Childhood background I see great value in assisting children to become independent, capable and calm individuals. Ineke has instilled these values within her children through the step-by-step systems she has created and adapted to suit her individual children and her family as a whole.

I have great respect for the way Ineke interacts with her children. She treats them with the utmost respect and gives them the time, space and strategies to engage and interact in an equally respectful way.

Her children and home are a testament to her approach.


Ineke was a breath of fresh air and a fantastic help to our busy family dynamic. As parents working full time with two young children, finding anytime to organise the household and stay on-top of the everyday seemed impossible!

The Family Platform provided the positive reinforcement we needed to show that we CAN in fact manage our time to allow for family meal prep, healthy eating, tips for fussy eaters, and crucial time savers with lunch boxes and on the run snacks.

Ineke was so understanding and took the time to listen to our needs and the key trigger points to help improve time management and to reinforce that meal planning and organisation should not be adding to the weekly stress.

She took the time to get to know us and what we needed and provided ongoing and comprehensive advice with her very positive outlook on life! She has an incredible relationship with her kids that empowers them to make their own decisions that I was able to really learn from.

I would recommend The Family Platform to anyone needing some positive reinforcement and help to stay in control of the work life balance. Ineke had tips I had just never thought of coming from a busy household with four young children – which has made a big difference to our family.


I have had the privilege of knowing Ineke for a few years now as I teach her daughter weekly. I would consider Ineke not only a parent at my studio, but a friend.

Ineke is warm, engaging, loving, and lights every room she walks in. Her energy is contagious, inviting and inspiring, allowing for many conversations and teachable moments that I reflect on in my daily life as a mother of an 8-month-old myself.