I am so thrilled to be able to work with my clients in the capacity of a Parent Empowerment Coach through private 1:1 Coaching sessions.

I support parents through a philosophy, not opinions, putting your parenting at the centre of all decision-making.  These strategies support you in running an efficient and time effective household while raising empowered and resilient children through kindness, love and self belief… saving you loads of time and mental energy in the process! 

This season of life can be so complex which is why I am a qualified Life Coach to support you to cultivate and achieve your parenting goals.  I am also a Consultant for families wanting to implement changes within their home to make life easier (such as visual timetables for the kids). As an aside, I am also a fully qualified Primary School teacher and mum to four young children at home… so I am totally qualified and confident in being able to support my clients across the many aspects and challenges of family life.


Examples of Parent Empowerment goals:

“Create an inclusive, grounding and warm mealtime environment with my family”

“Feel empowered to shine in my parenting as my authentic self “

“Bring a calmness and flow to the school mornings” 


Examples of Empowerment & general Life Goals:

“Feel the most vibrant and healthy I’ve ever been”

“Love myself unconditionally”

“Cultivate joyful and positive relationships in my life”


So no matter where you are on your parenting journey, if you are wanting to make changes and be in positive action with someone cheering you on and keeping you accountable to all you want to accomplish them I’m here for you, all the way.

Are You Ready To Thrive?

The Family Platform exists to support you to thrive during this season of your life – whatever ‘thriving’ looks and feels like to you.

Here are the ways I can support you:

Sign up to my newsletter list by clicking the link below and popping in your details. I send updates with quick tips to support you at home AND with your life.

If you know you’re ready for support and would like to find out more about what working together could look like, you can find that in the link too where you can also book in for a complimentary 20 minute chat. I’m techy like that!  


Creating your plan


I’d absolutely welcome a call, email or a message sent by carrier pigeon from you!

Please connect with me and say hi.


I believe it’s super important that we first work out if we are aligned and a good fit with each other for coaching, so I offer a complimentary Pre Coaching Questionnaire and a Pre Coaching Session.


We will cultivate some wonderful goals, and schedule sessions every two weeks to achieve them! Woo Hoo!

My Packages


This short and sharp session has been designed for parents who are ready for some immediate strategies and guidance on one specific challenge. 

We usually will spend the first part of the session going through your personal situation, and we will then explore strategies to support you

This package is $350 + GST and includes:

  • 1x pre-coaching questionnaire so I am prepared for our call
  • 1x 60 minute session to discuss strategies around one area 
  • 1x 30 minute follow-up session two weeks after the initial call to tweak and reflect
  • Pre-Payment in advance 

$350 + GST

1 Full Session + 1 Follow-Up Session

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My THRIVING FAMILY package is built all around YOU! It is ideal for parents who are feeling like they are not where, what, or who they want to be during this season of their lives. 

This series is all about being in positive, forward momentum towards the goals you have set yourself. You will be deeply supported while being accountable to yourself, creating the change you want to see.

This THRIVING FAMILY package is $1500 in total + GST and includes:

  • 1x pre-coaching questionnaire so I am completely prepared for our initial session
  • 1x complimentary 30 minute Pre-Coaching Session to see if we connect and are aligned and comfortable with each other. 
  • 6 x 60 minute sessions via Zoom or phone as you prefer, over a 3-Month period
  • Full email support is welcomed between sessions
  • Feeling amazing as you work towards your goals!  
  • Pre-Payment a month in advance 

$1500 + GST

12 Weeks

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